Month: February 2022

Reasons why G.I is The best community


Today i explained my three reason why G.I is the best communitty



.u cool down













GI Pools, the place where you go in the summer when you want to cool down. There are also games where you can compete for prizes and watch for your own entertainment. You can also get a bit toxic. Competitions are a place where you can go to get your adrenaline high, workout if you have gained some weight and overheat.


Competitions are the things that make life more fun, the fact that you can beat all your friends and become NO 1. Its the best way to prove you are the superior.  Personally I love competitions so I can flex and I also get a bit toxic in the process.Sometimes you can compete and win prizes like treats or even money.  G.I competitions are better too there’s some eating competitions singing, dancing and talent competitions the prize is also one of the most exciting things about competitions 😬 😬 😬.  Last year there was a matariki celebration and they hosted a karaoke competition and the winner got a prize.It’s also the same thing in this very school. Last year we also hosted a talent show but their was no prize, only bragging rights and privileges.

Writing Challenge

Breaking News!

Paragraph 1.   Samoa Just Had A Massive meltdown a volcano has erupted.Samoa just went down in worldwide history for this massive breakdown all eyes are on samoa.Meanwhile their is one single human being who doesn’t  know about the volcano eruption and his name is mr goodwin he is too busy practising tik tok dances (Dramatic Music)

Paragraph 2.      Samoa is still recovering from the volcanic eruption.There is one man who is the one and only billionaire Elon musk he is helping Samoa get their internet systems,power cords and helping throw away their old cars because he is also giving every resident in Samoa a tesla.In his words he says “every single resident of samoa will be receiving a tesla model s.Mr.goodwin hears about this and starts travelling he was so exuberant🤑🤑🤑.


About Me

Hi My Name Is Toa And I Am 11 Years Old And I Am Nationally Born In New Zealand.I Come From A School Named Ptengland And I Am Year 7 And My Teachers Name Is Ms.Hall.Some Of My Hobbies Are Sports,Cooking And Also Video Gaming.  Check This Blog Out Its Were I Posted Some Of My Old Work >>> Old Blog