Month: July 2022

Sour-ish candy

all i felt was a coat of sugar or coconut but soon i was to find i was wrong.This week term 1 0f school Mr Moran got us particular type of candy.I don’t know if you have heard of this store but it is called the remarkable shop.Mr Moran told everybody in the b team to come get the candy and hand it to the person i felt a coat of sugar or coconut and the inside smelt like chocolate so i was Excited to eat it.3 2 1 go and i put it in my mouth everyone was screaming about how sour it was (it was not) i mean it was kinda sour but not wayy to sour i finished eating off the sour coat and then it went more sweet then sour.and straight after that i ate a lemon one which was worse.

Measurement Term 3

this week for maths we did a measurement task the first page was focusing on decimals and where they go on a ruler.The second page was about what tool measure certain thing.The third page was just questions that i flew through.The fourth page was measuring objects digitally and create task was me using a ruler to measure 3 objects videoing or photos.

Term 3 Immersion assembly

Today we discovered the new theme for this term Art Works it is basically a telling us about three different subjects of art like music ,art (drawing/painting) and photography.The performance that I loved was the team five item I loved the way that Mr.Wiseman dressed as the girl and started dancing with the beast (Mr.Moran).