Year: 2023

Backpack glider

This week for extension we had to make a project my project was a back pack that has a reusable parachute and lasts forever.You bassically put it on but when you pull the cable on the side it becomes a parachute that has infinite uses because it ejects and theres a second one but when the second one releases the first one goes back in and gets fixed which means u can reuse it.

its a bit blurry so for just the text its here :

“Oh no i have lost my way in the middle of the enchanted forest” Exclaims young adventurer 

“You there how did you get here “ shouts anonymous person

I got lost in my path to the mythical treasure of the tree guardian of this forest an old wives tale of my village ” stated young adventurer 

“ i do not care get out of my forest” discussed anonymous person

“I am not leaving until i find that treasure”says Adventurer

The anonymous person jumps out of the tree and says

“You are not getting close to my  treasure” exclaims the tree


 “What you- your real!?” utters The girl 

“Yes and until you prove you are worthy you have to find a sacred creature and befriend it” shares the tree 

She’s hot off her tracks zooming around on her magic lance 

She finds a sacred creature known around the world for its kind nature 

And the rarity of finding it, It is the smurf cat .Because it is so rare they can be sold for around two trillion gold coins or 4 trillion silver coins but she has a smart plan. She befriends it to get the treasure but then after that she sells it to a sales merchant.

She approaches it with a soft voice because if you speak demandingly it would feel hostile.

“Hello there would you like to be my friend” says The girl 

The smurf cat replied “yes i would love to your my first genuine friend everyone just tries to catch me and sells me but you are different”They swing through the trees to travel back you the guardian.They arrive and the smurf cat bows his head and gets on his knees to greet his master.The girl says this and joins in 

“Master” the smurf cat announces 

“Here you are the great mystical guardian of the forest i have befriended a creature from the forest or should i say companion”

The wise guardian says

“Well done but before i give you my treasure you have to create a pact with this mythical creature for if ye break it you shall die” They form the pact and they are now together for the rest of her life she thinks to herself “my plans are ruined i cannot be rich anymore 

The tree demands That she take the treasure. She shouts 

“thank you master” which had slipped out her mouth.She opens the chest and it is a gem that could be sold for quintillions because it boosts mana and magical strength by 10.The tree says “this is a special gem that can not be sold because of a magical lock”

And he also grants a lifetime of protection from any evil spirits.She then travels back to her village but then she remembers she was lost…

Evolution of cars – Mana Ako

Kia ora viewersThis is the evolution of cars that i did Mrs telea spun a wheel and it landed on cars.I had to research about cars from 1 century ago starting from 2023 – 1993 these cars are so interesting therough their specs and it is amazing to see that some older cars peform better than others.This was a really fun challenge especially because i love learning about cars because it has a special place in my heart and i love to think if we can continue learning about cars in Mana Ako.This was a great opportunity and thank you Mrs Burton for letting us borrow the creative space.I included the Vspecs of the 2023 car because they are so good but it does go for a high price tag but it is worth it.


So There You have it, the people from pt england are really worried about what perspectives you look at and prices and costs in the world because some people cannot afford most prices for everyday needs.A Lot of people are complaining about how prices are going upwards so you have a lot of work that needs to be done to balance out new zealand

last term i made this script for manaiakalani which is the ending part and i didn’t put much effort into it to make it long but i did make some intresting points to the government about how they should do while running new zealand.