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For extension we went to KPMG it was a-lot of fun because we had delicious food but we also did experiments like making flubber and glowworms and we learnt about chemical changes but really this was an opportunity to learn what it is like working in an financial services so its showing what they do and how the help small and big businesses.We also did a test and whoever won got an amazing surprise.Sadly i didn’t win but kaseline did but it looked like a big toy.

water cycle

LI 2: We are learning to describe the changes of matter and the water cycle

When a solid is heated it Melts__ and becomes a__ __liquid_____.

When a liquid is heated it _____it evaparates______  and becomes a __gas____.

When a gas cools it ________condense____  and becomes a ___liquid____.

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Short Anzac Explanation

(Title anzac day explanation) The anzac day starts on apr 25th because that was when all the fallen soldiers rested in the poppy field as the war ended in gallipoli
Anzac stands for australian and new zealand army corps and anzac day is to honour everyone’s sacrifice and lest we forgot them and their main goal was to capture the dardanelles