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raro recount / ratio

this week for school we learnt about ratios first we learnt the one packet of raro has 80 grams inside and it fills 1 litre or 1000 ml the ratio was 80:1000 but we simplified it to 8:100 and the we simplifeied it 1 more time to 2:25.Then we had 4 teaspoons of raro into a cup and drank it,it was so delicious so get ratio’d🤔

Challenges For maths / treaty

This week for school we did 3 different challenges the first challenge we had to build a bridge out of paper and make a light squishy die stand on it. For the second challenge we were learning how to make a long tower out of straws and this task was for participation and teamwork it was fun but challenging we had fun and it was taller than us. We also were the first to finish. Our tower was 147 cm tall. The last challenge was we had to build the highest tower out of cups and ours was the tallest. After that we completed the task, we posted it on our blog.