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Subtraction problems

Sensational Subtraction
We are learning to solve subtraction problems using decimal numbers.

List 3 prime numbers: 2 3 5

List the factors of 24:12 6 3 1 24

List the common factors of 24 and 48:24 12 19 6 3 1

Mr Burt has $1000 in the maths budget at the start of the year.

He starts by purchasing 650 maths books, at $0.30 each. His total spend is: 195

How much does he have left?

Next he spends $167.70 on rulers and protractors

How much is left now?362.7

Then he purchases 5 text books, which cost $26.50 each. The 5 textbooks cost:495.2

How much does he have left?

Finally he spends $6.70 on stickers.

How much does he have left?501.9

4 – 0.768 =3.232

Solubility – Sugar

This maths lesson we did science about solubility,Solubility technically means the maximum amount of a substance that can dissolve in the given amount of a solevent specified temperture.Solute being the substance being dissolved, in my case it is sugar being dissolved.There are 2 other key words the first one is solevent.The meaning of solevent is a substance that can dissolve another substance ours was water dissolving sugar and the solution is a mixture of 2 or more substances and its end results.Our end result is  100ml could dissolve 130 g of sugar so in conclusion 1L could hold 1300 grams of sugar.