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Yr 9 English class*

Task 3:

Where angels fear to tread


This task is about reading to find information and make inferences.

Read ‘Where angels fear to tread‘, then answer the following questions.




How old is Ngorongoro Crater?


The ngorongoro crater is two million years  old.





What word does the writer use in the middle of the story to indicate that he wasn’t scared of buffalo?


____________”He waved his arm at the buffalo”________


c) What would have been a useful item to take on the walk to the lodge?
  It would be much easier to bring a flashlight and spare batteries



d) Explain how the saying in the final line, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, goes with the story. The fools rush in where angels fear to tread the way that it goes with the story is because they are inexperienced people that treated buffalo like sheep
  “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” refers to a person who behaves impulsively; they don’t think before reacting. The saying goes with the story because a group of people, Halina and the speaker travel to Africa before knowing very little about it e.g. dangers, animals, people.










e) What two lessons could be gained from this story?

       i. Don’t act so impulsive and do things that come out of your mind take a moment to think 

       ii.Don’t be scared and also don’t be too brave 

This week for our year 9 science class we had to read a long paragraph called where angels fear to tread.It is technically about these two people who travel to africa and go out camping.

Solubility – Sugar

This maths lesson we did science about solubility,Solubility technically means the maximum amount of a substance that can dissolve in the given amount of a solevent specified temperture.Solute being the substance being dissolved, in my case it is sugar being dissolved.There are 2 other key words the first one is solevent.The meaning of solevent is a substance that can dissolve another substance ours was water dissolving sugar and the solution is a mixture of 2 or more substances and its end results.Our end result is  100ml could dissolve 130 g of sugar so in conclusion 1L could hold 1300 grams of sugar.