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Why do we need to eat

This week for fit for purpose we did a slide for why we need to eat food.We need to eat food because it makes our blood pump and lets out a lot of energy different types of food give different nutrients and vitamins which helps you with your everyday needs this was so easy which is what i like and next time i need to be more efficient

Dawn raids information report

What Did they go through?

The dawn raids had a massive impact on the polynesian people that were travelling to New Zealand to look for work.Every time when the polynesian people are sleeping the cops would break into their houses and demand for their id to see if they were over staying.The reason the polynesians came to new zealand for work was because they were short on labour and were looking for work.this happened from 1971.The primeminster stated that he did not want this country too flood and the polynesians to take all of the jobs.As a result most of the polynesian people got sent back to where they came from and some losing their jobs.After most of the polynesians got sent back people started protesting.


Who Did this

The government were the people who were supporting the dawn raids and saying we don’t need these people in our country even though they were the ones who invited them to come to their country and work in labour.It was really bad they were wrong for doing this to the polynesians especially if they are getting kicked out of their houses to live on the street even though they paid for it and everything.So to be honest it was mainly their property and the police had no right to kick them out of their property.


What did it do to the polynesians 

Sadly the polynesians had been forced out of their houses and evicted because they were overstaying but really the europeans were overstaying and the police didn’t care so they were mainly setting a target on the polynesians.Most kids and babies were homeless because of the dawn raids so this made it hard for them to live.But They fought back.They started to protest and go for a long march through New Zealand telling the people what had been happening to their lives and how bad the government was for doing this.Some adults also got fired from their jobs because of this and mainly had no food or water.


When did this start to happen 

In 1971 the polynesians started to travel to new zealand and mainly all of them arrived in 1973 most of the police that were doing the dawn raids mainly took place in auckland because it was such a large city and was the closest large city near the islands.


We stopped the dawn raids but it was really bad.We should never have anything like this again in the future no more discriminating against other people because they look a certain way or act different to other people


This week for literacy we did an information report about the dawn raids which happened in 1971 to 1980 everything i was doing on this information report went well espicially because this is the most i have ever written on a post and i just need to work on bing more effiecent,focus and stop talking because it is keeping me from finishing my work on time.

Fashion – Japanese

This week for extension we are fahion desingers and we had to design a costume from a certain type of culture and tell the reason why we chose the material that we used.I chose japanese samurai armor.I also stated diffrent reasons for why they chose the specific type of materials that would help if they go into battle.Everything went well besides thinking about why i chose these different materials.

Everything that i used for the materials are durable and really strong besides the soap stone on the bottom used for the jandals.Besides that everything is recyclable and reusable so everything is good for the enviroment.These materials are also long lasting if you care for them and protect it from rusting because if you don’t they it will all become weak and more dull than you think.It also looks really really cool.

Second fashion outfit oming too my blog soon!.


This week for mana ako we learnt about a star above the orion belt that is only visible in taranaki which is a star name puanga.The people in taranaki only look at puanaga because the stars of matariki are too low to be visible.We also learned about the lunar moon which i didn’t know exsisted.Whenever Paunga reveals to the school named ramanui they make hangi,pray,blessings and do a kapa haka performance.They call one of the koro’s to the school the Hangi-master that is pretty uncivilised because i think it is me.If you didn’t already know the maori new year (matariki) is when you take/plant crops because the growining season is almost over.

Subtraction problems

Sensational Subtraction
We are learning to solve subtraction problems using decimal numbers.

List 3 prime numbers: 2 3 5

List the factors of 24:12 6 3 1 24

List the common factors of 24 and 48:24 12 19 6 3 1

Mr Burt has $1000 in the maths budget at the start of the year.

He starts by purchasing 650 maths books, at $0.30 each. His total spend is: 195

How much does he have left?

Next he spends $167.70 on rulers and protractors

How much is left now?362.7

Then he purchases 5 text books, which cost $26.50 each. The 5 textbooks cost:495.2

How much does he have left?

Finally he spends $6.70 on stickers.

How much does he have left?501.9

4 – 0.768 =3.232