Solubility – Sugar

This maths lesson we did science about solubility,Solubility technically means the maximum amount of a substance that can dissolve in the given amount of a solevent specified temperture.Solute being the substance being dissolved, in my case it is sugar being dissolved.There are 2 other key words the first one is solevent.The meaning of solevent is a substance that can dissolve another substance ours was water dissolving sugar and the solution is a mixture of 2 or more substances and its end results.Our end result is  100ml could dissolve 130 g of sugar so in conclusion 1L could hold 1300 grams of sugar.

raro recount / ratio

this week for school we learnt about ratios first we learnt the one packet of raro has 80 grams inside and it fills 1 litre or 1000 ml the ratio was 80:1000 but we simplified it to 8:100 and the we simplifeied it 1 more time to 2:25.Then we had 4 teaspoons of raro into a cup and drank it,it was so delicious so get ratio’d🤔