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Why do we need to eat

This week for fit for purpose we did a slide for why we need to eat food.We need to eat food because it makes our blood pump and lets out a lot of energy different types of food give different nutrients and vitamins which helps you with your everyday needs this was so easy which is what i like and next time i need to be more efficient

Walking animation

This week in team 5 week 10 we had to make a stickman running/walking animation in google slides, it took half and hour and it was challenging but i still managed to finish


Thank You Mr.Goodwin!

inquiry task 2022

this week we got to choose where we would like to go with only 15$ and everything is really cheap so first i choose my own destination which cost 8 $ and i picked tokyo the next thing i did was how i was gonna get the e.g first class buisness ) i choose to go in economy class and it costs 1$ when i get to japan i get to stay in a 5-star hotel